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Map Widgets

Widgets are user interface elements that are displayed on the map screen and are not tied to the map location. They provide additional information about your current route, speed, altitude, recorded track and other data and allow you to quickly interact with the application.

Configure Screen​

Configure screen is a menu that allows to configure what widgets will be displayed over the map. It allows you to enable and configure Quick action, Informational & Navigational widgets and other elements.

Map Buttons​

Map buttons such as Zoom buttons, Search, Direction, Compass, My Location and Menu represent main controls on the map.

Informational Widgets​

Informational widgets provide information about current location, speed, time, battery level on the map display.

Navigational widgets are enabled during navigation to display information such as distance, arrival or left time, next turns, bearing, current street name, lanes information, max speed, approaching alerts, POIs, waypoints.

Radius-ruler and Ruler​

All ruler tools help you understand the scale of the map and measure distances. The Radius Ruler tool lets you define a radius around a selected point on the map, displaying distance circles on the map. The Touch Distance tool lets you calculate the distance between selected points or find the distance to a specific point.

Marker Widgets​

Map markers are selected points marked on the map as flags. They provide useful information for direct-to-point navigation on the map screen.

Quick Action​

Quick Action widget is a customizable quick action button on the map, with which selected actions are available in just two clicks.