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Begin with OsmAnd

Begin with OsmAnd (OpenStreetMap Automated Navigation Directions): how to install and download maps. Get access to all features via Main Menu. First steps also refer to key OsmAnd functionality via simple questions list.

First Steps​

Welcome to OsmAnd! Explore how to download maps, how to configure the application, how to use map and build a route, how to start navigation and how to search points of interest. Get acquainted with key points of OsmAnd Privacy policy and required Permissions.

Download Maps​

Download maps is a necessarily action for further using map and navigation in offline mode. Maps can be downloaded both by browsing through the regions list from the main menu and by clicking on the needed territory on the map.

Main menu is a primary list of options available to use in the application. It provides quick access to the profile configuration, global settings, search, personal data, navigation and other features.