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OsmAnd File Formats

Documentation of files supported by OsmAnd

GPX Routes, Tracks - .gpx​

OsmAnd uses GPX files to record tracks, to save pre-calculated routes, and can import GPX files prepared by other sources for viewing or navigation

KML Tracks - .kml, .kmz​

OsmAnd can import or convert KML location information.

OsmAnd Package - .osf​

Package to distribute backups, plugins, maps as container for all other files

Routing Configuration - .routing.xml​

OsmAnd's routing configuration file

Map Rendering style - .render.xml​

OsmAnd rendering style is a special XML file that describes how vector map features should be displayed on the map. It is typically quite large by lines of code and highly customizable.

OsmAnd Binary Maps - .obf​

OsmAnd's format to store vectorized location data like maps

Tiles Directory Format - .metainfo​

Specification of OsmAnd's Metainfo Format

Tiles SQLite Format - .sqlite​

Specification of OsmAnd's SQLite Format

Voice packages​

The recorded and TTS-synthesized voice packages producing the navigation voice prompts