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Β· 5 min read

Hello Adventurers!

In today's digital age, outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers as myself, and professionals rely heavily on navigation tools to traverse unfamiliar terrain safely and efficiently. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, navigation apps have become indispensable companions for outdoor activities. Among these, OsmAnd stands out as a powerful navigation app, offering robust features tailored for outdoor exploration. When paired with TRIPLTEK rugged tablets, users can experience unparalleled navigation capabilities even in the harshest environments.

OsmAnd offroad

Β· 6 min read

Hello everybody!

In the OsmAnd 4.5 release, a new terrain map type has been added. This is a new data type in our application, which is needed for terrain rendering, and for some additional functions related to elevations. All the information is in our documentation, but in this article, we will describe how and what you can see and get on the screen with a new data type.

β˜› Let's go!

Β· 2 min read

Hello everybody!

This article is about one of the general OsmAnd killer-feature - Online maps plugin. This Plugin allows us to enable and add other map sources for OsmAnd. All of these sources are raster maps.

Raster maps come from various sources and they complement OpenStreetMap data, and sometimes they are the only source. By combining map layers, you can get the best picture on your screen:

  • Android
  • iOS

Β· 2 min read

Hello everybody!

In this article, we want to show you how OsmAnd users create their own map styles.

OsmAnd map styles​

At first about Map styles by default.

OsmAnd contains own 10 map rendring styles: OsmAnd, Touring view, UniRS and LightRS, Nautical, Winter and ski, Topo, OSM-carto, Desert, Offroad, Snowmobile.

Android version: Menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Map rendering β†’ Map style

iOS version: Menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Styles for offline maps

OsmAnd Map styles