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Story 6 - Adrian and moto tours Japan

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How are You? Have You enjoyed May’s weather?

To inspire our readers to go on a new trip we decided to share with You the experiences of Adrian. He travels a lot and visits gorgeous places! For that, he either goes by boat or takes a ride on his motorcycle.

Story 6

Some of us were lucky enough to start traveling at a very young age. So did Adrian. When he was 10 he paid a visit to his family in Mexico! And, as we all know, childhood memories stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Before every trip there is preparation to be done, so, what does Adrian do?

'I prepare maps for myself and for customers. I usually use a software called tyre to map the route, choose the best motorcycling roads, then, export it to GPX and KLM formats. GPX to use it with OsmAnd for the actual navigation on the road, KLM to export it to Google Maps, in case I need to share a link through the internet to make it easier for the customers to view the map.'

Story 6

It is a matter of opinion which functions to use more often. While some apply OsmAnd in cities, others use it to map their way through the mountains.

'I love that you can plan the route on a computer, load it, and navigate it. And that there are offline maps and OSM maps, and translation into Asian characters. Super useful, especially for our customers riding in Japan! And it can handle long routes, plus it is available both on IOS and Android.'

Story 6

Going on a trip take Your charged device with You! And take a power bank or two for those things do not last long enough! Adrian has to keep his phone constantly plugged to the motorcycles, or else it will not last a day!

Adrian has recently started using OsmAnd, so it is hard for him to come up with some special story right now. We hope that in our next interview with him, we will get all the detailed descriptions of his adventures.

I would like to thank you for making an awesome app. Keep up the good work! :)

We want to thank Adrian too, and remind You that with OsmAnd not only is it easier to travel, but it also helps one to be connected to the community. As long as we are together, there is no place on the planet that we cannot reach!

P.S. Adrian's company is the biggest motorcycle rental and tour company in Japan and it uses OsmAnd to navigate. The company "Rental819" has 136 shops and more than 4,000 motorcycles during peak season.

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