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OsmAnd 4.7 (iOS)

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Hello Everyone,

We're delighted to share some exciting news with you! OsmAnd version 4.7 for iOS devices is now officially available. This latest update brings a host of new features and improvements that we can't wait for you to try.

You can download the update right now from the AppStore. Added new widgets, improved user interface, and several performance upgrades that make OsmAnd even better.

Widget iOS

What's new​

Redesign Tracks menu​

We've completely redesigned the Tracks menu in My Places.

My Places > Tracks menu iOS

Tracks on map folder now directly opens the Tracks menu in Configure map.

By tapping the 3-dot button, you access a menu with the following actions:

  • Add folder allows you to create and name a new folder.
  • Import enables the importation of a GPX file.

My Places > Tracks menu iOS

New track allows to start Trip recording action. Just click "Start recording" button. During the recording, you can view the Recording track data, including distance, duration, and the number of waypoints. There are two key actions available during recording: Stop record and Save GPX track.

My Places > Tracks menu iOS My Places > Tracks menu iOS

A long press on any folder opens the Folder menu, which includes the following options:

  • Rename lets you rename the selected folder.
  • Export enables you to export the folder as an OSF file.
  • Move provides the option to relocate a folder to another Tracks folder or to create a new folder for moving the selected folder into it.
  • Delete gives you the ability to remove the selected folder.

My Places > Tracks menu iOS

A long press on any GPX track brings up a menu with the following options:

  • Show on map displays the selected track on the map.
  • Navigation starts navigation using the track.
  • Analyze launches Analyse on map.
  • Share allows you to share the selected track.
  • Upload modifications to OSM enables you to upload changes to OpenStreetMap.
  • Edit opens the selected track in Plan a route for editing.
  • Duplicate provides the option to create a copy of the selected track.
  • Rename lets you change the name of the selected track.
  • Move allows you to relocate the selected track to a specified folder.
  • Delete gives you the option to remove the selected track.

My Places > Tracks menu iOS

Widgets updates​

Widget iOS Widget iOS

Redesign Tracks menu of Configure map​

Enhanced management of tracks displayed on the map:

iOS Menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Show on map β†’ Tracks

We've introduced two sections: Visible and All

  • In Visible, you can select and deselect tracks to be displayed on the map and choose from a "Recently Visible" section.
  • In All, you have the option to select tracks from the complete track list.

track menu iOS track menu iOS

You can utilize the following actions (buttons) for track management:

  • πŸ” Magnifying glass for seaching a track from the track list.
  • πŸ“₯ import a track from device.
  • "Select All" - select all tracks from the list.
  • "Done" - done your track selections and close the "Tracks" section.

By clicking on "Last modified" you access the Sort tracks menu. Here, you can organize your tracks by:

  • "Nearest" or "Last modified"
  • "Name A-Z" or "Name Z-A"
  • "Newest date first" or "Oldest date first"
  • "Longest distance first" or "Shortest distance first"
  • "Longest duration first" or "Shorter duration first"

track menu iOS track menu iOS

Updates of GPX tracks​

3D visualization​

Introduced 3D visualization for tracks based on altitude (it's a paid feature of Maps+):

Track Context menu β†’ Change Appearance β†’ 3D TRACK

  • Visualized by: Altitude, Fixed height.
  • Wall color: Solid, Downward gradient, Upward gradient.
  • Track line: Top, Bottom, Top and bottom.
  • Vertical exaggeration: None to x3.0

3D tracks iOS

External sensors data for Analize on map​

Updated "Analyze on Map" feature to include the capability to display metrics from sensors.

  • You can now analyze your track data alongside external sensors data: choose the track β†’ Options β†’ Analyze on map β†’ Select graph data

track menu iOS track menu iOS track menu iOS

Additional tags support​

  • Enhanced tags support for GPX has been implemented, including link, author, copyright, and keywords.

  • Added support for additional tags for OSM routes (tourist routes): description, from, to, distance, direction, state, colour, ascent, descent, roundtrip, tourism

Sun position widget​

A new Sun position widget has been added, complementing the Sunrise and Sunset widgets. This section of widgets is now named "Sun position":

Menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Widgets β†’ Add widget β†’ Sun Position β†’ Sun position, Sunrise, Sunset.

Sun Position

"Sun Position" widget displays the time until sunrise or sunset, based on the current time. This widget offers the following settings:

  • Mode: Select from "Next event", "Sunset", "Sunrise".
  • Format: Choose between "Time left" or "Next event". These format settings can be adjusted by tapping the widget on the screen.

Sun Position Sun Position

Glide ratio widget​

Simple Glide Ratio widgets have been introduced for use in aircraft. These widgets display the glide ratio to the target or the average glide ratio for the current flight.

OsmAnd menu β†’ Configure screen β†’ Widgets (All panels) β†’ Glide ratio to target/Target elevation and Average glide ratio/Average vertical speed

Glide Ratio widget iOS

Round up numbers in navigation widgets​

You can now select the format for displaying distance information in navigation widgets, like distance to a point, the next turn, and lanes. Choose "Precise" for exact figures or "Round up" to enhance readability with simpler, rounded numbers:

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ Navigation Profile β†’ General settings β†’ Units & formats β†’ Distance during navigation β†’ Precise or Round up

Round up iOS Round up iOS

Vertical exaggeration​

A special coefficient for 3D relief has been added in this release. Now, you can adjust the Vertical Exaggeration:

iOS Menu β†’ Configure map β†’ Terrain β†’ Vertical exaggeration (Ensure that 3D relief is enabled)

This feature allows you to view the contours of smoother topography with enhanced detail.

Round up iOS

OsmAnd Cloud updates​

App Language for Basemap​

The World Basemap now adopts the language of the app for naming, aligning with the app's language settings. This is applicable for base map zoom levels 1-6 (less than 7 map zoom). The app language can be modified in the System settings under OsmAnd Maps – Language.

App language

Missing maps download​

OsmAnd now alerts you if some maps between your start point and destination are missing. It's important to ensure that all maps are up to date and of the same release date for a consistent navigation experience.

Map downloading suggestion iOS


Tasks resolved in OsmAnd 4.7 include: