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OsmAnd 4.4 (iOS)

Β· 4 min read

Hi there!

We are glad to announce that iOS app version development does not stand still. The new improved version is already available to install on you devices!

Thank you for your support and feedback.


The minimum iOS version is increased to 15.0.

Please, upgrade your iOS to 15.0 version before OsmAnd installation.

iOS 4.4

What's news:

What's new​

Minimum iOS version​

Minimum iOS version is increased to 15.0. Please, upgrade your iOS to 15.0 version before OsmAnd installation.

Wikipedia updates​

  • The Plugin Wikipedia settings is profile dependent:

    Menu β†’ Settings β†’ App Profiles β†’ Plugins β†’ Wikipedia

    Here you can choose languages in which Wikipedia articles will appear on the map. Choose download or not images and set cache size for images.

  • Added Wikipedia article images for the Context menu.

  • Added Download images menu and Change language menu.


Search for Favorites​

Added the search bar for Favorites menu: Menu β†’ My Places β†’ Favorites β†’ Pull down


CarPlay updates​

  • added search history and the recent route in the menu:

  • reorganized tracks and favorites list (items visible in the list - 24 items by order newest):

  • device display with navigation info:

  • showing the map on CarPlay Dashboard.

Hiking routes​

Added ability to select routes on the map for viewing additional information or starting navigation by the chosen route. Just tap hiking routes on the map to open the Track Context menu:


Available to start navigation by a track Γ·or download it.


Update OpenStreetMap Plugin​

Added ability to upload GPX tracks to OpenStreetMap project:

Track Context menu β†’ Actions β†’ Upload to OpenStreetMap


Improved privacy​

Added options to disable history logging:

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ OsmAnd settings β†’ History


Map orientation update​

Added manually rotated mode:

Menu β†’ Settings β†’ App Profile β†’ General settings β†’ Map orientation β†’ Manually rotated (fixed)

Map orientation

Map ruler update​

Improved visibility of the map ruler:

  • Decrease top/bottom padding for text label.

  • Added Stroke for the ruler.

    Map Ruler

Widgets updates​

Added Coordinates: map center widget, Developer widgets, and Sunset and sunrise widgets:

Menu β†’ Configure screen

Coordinate widgetsDeveloper widgetssunset and sunrise widgets

External input devices​

For this release, we added the opportunity for using external input devices. Read more here.


Dynamic type fot text​

Added "Dynamic type" support, text size in OsmAnd will change accordingly to text size in iOS.

Speed camera alerts​

Added legal warning about using speed camera alerts.

Voice prompts​

Added support for new languages: Catalan, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Slovenian.

UI improvements​

UI improvements for RTL languages.


Added content labelling for map buttons.

New Profile​

Added the "Moped" profile.


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