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OsmAnd 4.7 (Android)

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Good news!

We're thrilled to announce the release of OsmAnd version 4.7 for Android devices, now available for download on Google Play. This latest update brings a suite of new features and improvements designed to enhance your navigation experience.

Get the Update Today!

To enjoy these new features and improvements, head to Google Play or your preferred app market to download or update to OsmAnd version 4.7. We're committed to making OsmAnd the best navigation tool for Android users, and we're excited for you to experience the latest advancements.

Thank you for your continued support of OsmAnd. Happy navigating!


What's newโ€‹


OsmAnd 4.7.10 is the last build for installation to Android 6.

Enhanced Offline Navigationโ€‹

A new, speedy offline navigation feature has been introduced, utilizing a hierarchical highway algorithm.

To ensure the swift routing functions correctly, it's essential that all vector maps are up-to-date and synchronized by date.

For instance, navigating offline by car from Inzlingen to Waldershof now only requires 10 seconds.

Fast Routing Android

Initially, activating the Development plugin is required.

Navigate through Menu โ†’ Settings โ†’ App profile โ†’ Navigation settings โ†’ Route parameters โ†’ Development:

  • Routing type: Select the engine and algorithm for routing.
  • GPX approximation: Opt for a GPX track approximation method.
  • Autozoom: Activate autozoom for easier navigation.
  • OsmAnd live data: Utilize the most recent map updates for routing.



Introduced a new distinctive widget called Speedometer:

Go to Menu โ†’ Configure screen โ†’ Other โ†’ Speedometer

Within this section, you can select the size (small, medium, large) of the Speedometer and specify when to receive a Speed limit warning (Always, When exceeded).

Speedometer Speedometer

Speedometer for Android Autoโ€‹

Speedometer was added for Android Auto too.


Round up numbersโ€‹

Select the format for displaying distance information in navigation widgets (such as distance to a point, the next turn, and lanes). Opt for "Precise" for exact figures, or choose "Round up" for simpler readability:

Menu โ†’ Settings โ†’ Navigation Profile โ†’ General settings โ†’ Units & formats โ†’ Distance during navigation โ†’ Precise or Round up

Round up Android Round up Android

Custom Buttonsโ€‹

In this update, we've introduced Custom Buttons, a unique type of Quick action tool. This means users can now create a custom action button for their device's screen.

Menu โ†’ Configure screen โ†’ Buttons โ†’ Custom buttons โ†’ + โ†’ Add button

Custom button Android Custom button Android

Next, you have the option to assign one or more actions to the custom button you've created and activate it.

Custom button Android Custom button Android

Now, the new custom button will be visible on your device's screen. Tapping this button instantly toggles the selected action on or off.

Custom button Android

Routes tagsโ€‹

Extracted Route Tags from OpenStreetMap data Data for Track Context menu: Includes distance, direction, state, color, roundtrip, tourism, description, type, start/end points, and elevation change (descent/ascent).

Example of relation tags for "CAIOSM - Emilia Romagna - sentiero 137":

Routes tags Android

Vertical exaggerationโ€‹

A special coefficient for 3D relief has been added in this release. Now, you can adjust the Vertical Exaggeration:

Menu โ†’ Configure map โ†’ Topography (3D Relief) โ†’ Vertical exaggeration (Ensure that 3D relief is enabled)

This feature allows you to view the contours of smoother topography with enhanced detail.

vertival exaggeraton

3D track visualizationโ€‹

Added 3D visialization for tracks by altitude (it's a paid feature of Maps+):

Track Context menu โ†’ Change Appearance โ†’ 3D Track

  • Visualized by: Altitude, Fixed height.
  • Wall color: Solid, Downward gradient, Upward gradient.
  • Track line: Top, Bottom, Top and bottom.

3D tracks Android

Battery optimization dialogueโ€‹

A "Battery Optimization" banner has been introduced in the Trip recording plugin settings. By clicking on it, you can adjust battery optimization settings, which may lead to gaps and inaccuracies in the recorded tracks:

Menu โ†’ Settings โ†’ App Profile โ†’ Trip recoding โ†’ Read more (Android battry optimization)

Battery optimization Android Battery optimization Android

Redesign graphsโ€‹

Elevation graphs have been revamped to eliminate overlapping labels:

Redesign graph Android

OAuth 2.0 for OSM loginโ€‹

Updated the OpenStreetMap login process to use OAuth 2.0 for the OpenStreetMap editing plugin:

"The Operations Working Group is shutting down OAuth 1.0a and HTTP Basic Auth in 2024. They have been deprecated since 2023 and their role in authorization has replaced by OAuth 2.0 which the standard authorization method for most systems."

Tracks menuโ€‹

  • Organization of subfolders (My Places menu):

You can now apply a sorting order across all subfolders:

Menu โ†’ My places โ†’ Tracks โ†’ โ‹ฎ โ†’ Sort subfolders

Subfolders Android Subfolders Android

  • New Selected Tracks screen for "Plan a route", "Navigation", "Markers", "Development", "Quick action":

Navigation โ†’ Settings โ†’ Follow track โ†’ Select

Selected tracks menu Android

Filter by Sensor dataโ€‹

Introduced the ability to filter GPX tracks by sensor data.

GPX filters Android

Tags supportโ€‹

  • The import process for GPX files now includes support for for tags such as author, cmt, link, keywords, copyright, email , allowing for the display of this information in the Track Context menu.

Tags of track Android