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· 8 min read

Hello Everyone,

We're delighted to share some exciting news with you! OsmAnd version 4.7 for iOS devices is now officially available. This latest update brings a host of new features and improvements that we can't wait for you to try.

You can download the update right now from the AppStore. Added new widgets, improved user interface, and several performance upgrades that make OsmAnd even better.

Widget iOS

· 6 min read

Good news!

We're thrilled to announce the release of OsmAnd version 4.7 for Android devices, now available for download on Google Play. This latest update brings a suite of new features and improvements designed to enhance your navigation experience.

Get the Update Today!

To enjoy these new features and improvements, head to Google Play or your preferred app market to download or update to OsmAnd version 4.7. We're committed to making OsmAnd the best navigation tool for Android users, and we're excited for you to experience the latest advancements.

Thank you for your continued support of OsmAnd. Happy navigating!


· 5 min read

Hello Adventurers!

In today's digital age, outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers as myself, and professionals rely heavily on navigation tools to traverse unfamiliar terrain safely and efficiently. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, navigation apps have become indispensable companions for outdoor activities. Among these, OsmAnd stands out as a powerful navigation app, offering robust features tailored for outdoor exploration. When paired with TRIPLTEK rugged tablets, users can experience unparalleled navigation capabilities even in the harshest environments.

OsmAnd offroad

· 9 min read

Happy New Year!

We are continuing this good tradition for the sixth time. At the end of each year we write New Year Resolutions and our plans for the next one.

This year has been difficult for our company, as most of our team, based in Ukraine 🇺🇦 ❤️, works in war conditions. But despite all the difficulties, we worked according to the goals specified in the previous resolution (Resolutions 2023), and you can compare the results in our report. Briefly, in 2023, we've introduced a free subscription for cross-platform named OsmAnd Start, completely redesigned the terrain and 3D section, made a big contribution to widgets and much more.

2024 New Year Resolutions​

☛ Let's start with the to-do list for 2024, and below you can check again how a similar list was completed (or not completed 😉) in 2023.

· 9 min read

Good news!

OsmAnd version 4.6 for Android devices is now available on Google Play and other markets. Read about the new features in this article.

OsmAnd 4.6 release

· 3 min read

Hello everybody!!!

In the latest release of OsmAnd Android 4.5.6 we have created a special plan for our dear users - OsmAnd Start. What does it mean?

  • It is an opportunity to use OsmAnd Cloud absolutely FREE of charge.

  • You can take advantage of free cloud backup of your Favorites, Settings, and OSM edits/notes. (Cloud storage 5 MB).

  • This plan will soon be available for the iOS version of OsmAnd as well.

    ☛ Let's go!